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How Can I Get Removed From The NDR?

*** IMPORTANT NOTES  - Something You Must Know About The NDR ***
The information in the National Driver Registery (NDR) is limited to identification of the state(s) which have taken action to cancel, deny, revoke, or suspend or have records of conviction of serious traffic violations.. In order to get removed from the NDR you need to obtain your records from each state by filing with the respective states from your NDR record.

Any specific information about the driver history, or request for the entire driver history, may be obtained from the states(s) where the detailed information is recorded. The state(s) maintaining records are the (only) contacts able to correct records in error, and the NDR will correct its pointer records when so advised by a state indicating that a report previously made to the NDR is in error.

So what should I do now to get removed from the NDR?

The process is a lot simpler than many states or employees make it.  Here are the steps for you to use in order to get removed from the NDR and get your license restored.

  1. Get your National Driver Registery File
    Your National Driver Registery file will tell you which states have reported your records to the NDR.  Even though you may think only one state has your record, it's a good idea to check your NDR file to guarantee that you know all of the states that you will need to get your records from.

    Get your National Driver Register File Check Forms Here
  2. Get Your Driver Record from each state listed in your National Driver Register File
    Once you have your National Driver Registery file, you can come back to this website to get the forms that you need from each respective state that is listed in your file.  You will need to get the form for each state, complete the forms entirely and then mail them in.

    Get your State Driver Record Request Forms Here

  3. Contact Each State and Resolve All Outstanding Issues
    Once you have your State Driver Record(s), contact each individual state that has listed you on the NDR and find out what you need to do in order to get your record cleared with each respective state.  In many cases, the state(s) will include this information with your state driver record.

TIP on Mailing Your Forms
Use Fedex, UPS or DHL and you will know the exact day that they received your forms etc. This way, no one at the state DMV can tell you that they didn’t receive it. AND make sure that the person has to sign for it! This way you will have a record of when they received it and who actually received your request.